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Plaster Repair done Right

Plaster repair done right is like witnessing a master craftsman delicately restore a piece of art. It begins with meticulous assessment, where every crack and imperfection is scrutinised with precision. Then, using a blend of traditional techniques and modern expertise, the damaged areas are gently coaxed back to life. Layers of plaster are applied with […]

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January 2, 2024

This is what the restaurant looked like on January 2, 2024, when we started the exterior renovations. Stone & Mortar removal Wood replacement as needed Completely sanded and primed Complete repaint Added features Planters, Refurbed Light poles and new Dental work around the top. Completion TBA 3/2024

Wendy’s Chili Anyone

Wendy’s chili is a beloved classic known for its hearty, comforting flavor. While the exact recipe is proprietary, here’s a general description of how Wendy’s chili is typically made: Ingredients: Procedure: While this description captures the essence of Wendy’s chili, the exact recipe may vary slightly, and Wendy’s likely has proprietary techniques and ingredients that […]